Moderator Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood) speaks with director Marielle Heller and Producer Peter Saraf about their new film A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/23/19.

Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about empathy, kindness, and decency from America’s most beloved neighbor.

November 24, 2019

Dark Waters - Todd Haynes Q&A

Director Todd Haynes speaks about his new film DARK WATERS with moderator Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/23/19.

In Dark Waters, inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney (Mark Ruffalo) uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths due to one of the world's largest corporations. In the process, he risks everything—his future, his family, and his own life—to expose the truth. Also starring Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Mare Winningham, William Jackson Harper and Bill Pullman. Directed by Todd Haynes.

Writer/Director Trey Edward Shults and Actors Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Alexa Demie discuss their new film WAVES with moderator Carlos Aguilar (LA Times).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/16/19.

Set against the vibrant landscape of South Florida, and featuring an astonishing ensemble of award-winning actors and breakouts alike, Waves traces the epic emotional journey of a suburban African-American family—led by a well-intentioned but domineering father—as they navigate love, forgiveness and coming together in the aftermath of a loss. From acclaimed director Trey Edward Shults, Waves is a heartrending story about the universal capacity for compassion and growth even in the darkest of times.

Moderator Jenelle Riley discusses THE REPORT with former U.S. Senate investigator Daniel J. Jones, on whom the film is based.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/15/19.

The Report is a riveting thriller based on actual events. Idealistic staffer Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver) is tasked by his boss Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) to lead an investigation of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program, which was created in the aftermath of 9/11. Jones’ relentless pursuit of the truth leads to explosive findings that uncover the lengths to which the nation’s top intelligence agency went to destroy evidence, subvert the law, and hide a brutal secret from the American public. The Report is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns and features outstanding performances by a powerful cast led by Adam Driver, Annette Bening and Jon Hamm. Sarah Goldberg, Michael C. Hall, Douglas Hodge, Fajer Kaisi, Ted Levine, Jennifer Morrison, Tim Blake Nelson, Linda Powell, Matthew Rhys, T. Ryder Smith, Corey Stoll and Maura Tierney complete the powerful ensemble that brings this essential story to life.

Writer/Director Paul Harrill, along with several other crew members, leads a self-moderated Q&A following an opening weekend screening of their new film, LIGHT FROM LIGHT.

Recorded live at Landmark's NuArt Theatre on 11/8/19.

Single mother Sheila (Marin Ireland, “Sneaky Pete”) is gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams and a lifelong interest in the paranormal, but her talent has not improved her life. She works in a dead-end job at a car rental agency and raises her teenage son Owen (Josh Wiggins), sometimes moonlighting as a paranormal investigator. When a priest seeks out her help, she reluctantly agrees to investigate a potential haunting at a Tennessee farmhouse. There she meets Richard (Jim Gaffigan, Them That Follow, Being Frank), a grieving recent widower who believes his wife may still be with him. Trying to bring him comfort, she carefully investigates the phenomena that are disturbing him, bringing in her son and his sweet classmate Lucy (Atheena Frizzell) to help. What they discover forces them all to confront the mysteries of their own lives. Light from Light is subtle and understated, yet casts a powerful atmospheric spell. Featuring original music by Adam Granduciel and Jon Natchez of The War on Drugs. Written and directed by Paul Harrill; executive produced by David Lowery (A Ghost Story).


In this episode, you'll hear two Q&As from the opening weekend of HONEY BOY: The first with writer/actor Shia LaBeouf, moderated by Ben Lyons (The Lyons Den Podcast), and the second with LaBeouf, Director Alma Har'el, and actors Noah Jupe and Byron Bowers, moderated by Scott Mantz.

These Q&As were recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/8/19 and 11/9/19.

From a screenplay by Shia LaBeouf, based on his own experiences, award-winning filmmaker Alma Har'el (Bombay Beach, LoveTrue) brings to life a young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father and deal with his mental health. Fictionalizing his ascent to stardom, and subsequent crash-landing into rehab and recovery, Har'el casts Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) and Lucas Hedges (Boy Erased, Manchester by the Sea) as Otis Lort, navigating different stages in a frenetic career. LaBeouf takes on the therapeutic challenge of playing a version of his own father, an ex-rodeo clown and a felon. Dancer-singer FKA twigs makes her feature-film debut, playing neighbor and kindred spirit to the younger Otis in their garden-court motel home. Har'el's feature narrative debut is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between filmmaker and subject, exploring art as medicine and imagination as hope through the life and times of a talented, traumatized performer who dares to go in search of himself.

Writer/Director Noah Baumbach discusses his latest film MARRIAGE STORY with moderator Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 11/6/19.

Marriage Story is Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach's incisive and compassionate portrait of a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Laura Dern, Alan Alda, and Ray Liotta co-star.

Writer/Director Pedro Almodóvar and Actor Antonio Banderas discuss their latest collaboration PAIN AND GLORY with moderator Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/26/19.

In writer/director Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain and Glory, Antonio Banderas plays Salvador Mallo, a film director in physical decline who reflects on his past as his present comes crashing down around him. Some of these reflections are in the flesh, others remembered: his childhood in the ‘60s, when he emigrated with his parents to a village in Valencia in search of prosperity; his first adult love in the Madrid of the ‘80s; the pain of the breakup of that love while it was still alive and intense; writing as the only therapy to forget the unforgettable; the early discovery of cinema; and the void, the infinite void created by the incapacity to keep on making films. Pain and Glory talks about creation, about the difficulty of separating it from one's own life and about the passions that give it meaning and hope. In recovering his past, Salvador finds the urgent need to recount it, and in that need he also finds his salvation. Also starring Penélope Cruz and Asier Etxeandia. From the director of Volver, Bad Education, Talk to Her and All About My Mother.

Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon discusses his film THE CURRENT WAR with moderator Scott Mantz.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/25/19.

Edison. Westinghouse. Tesla. Three brilliant visionaries set off in a charged battle for the future in The Current War – Director’s Cut, the epic story of the cutthroat competition that literally lit up the modern world. Benedict Cumberbatch is Thomas Edison, the celebrity inventor on the verge of bringing electricity to Manhattan with his radical new DC technology. On the eve of triumph, his plans are upended by charismatic businessman George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), who believes he and his partner, the upstart genius Nikolai Tesla (Nicholas Hoult), have a superior idea for how to rapidly electrify America: with AC current. As Edison and Westinghouse grapple for who will power the nation, they spark one of the first and greatest corporate feuds in American history, establishing for future Titans of Industry the need to break all the rules. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl). Executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

Filmmaker Robert Eggers and Actors Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson speak about their new film THE LIGHTHOUSE with moderator Jacqueline Coley (Rotten Tomatoes). 

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/19/19.

There is enchantment in the light. From Robert Eggers, the visionary filmmaker behind modern horror masterpiece The Witch, comes a hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. This nautical tale of madness and dread, soaked in filthy glee, stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

October 20, 2019

Parasite - Bong Joon Ho Q&A

Director Bong Joon Ho discusses his latest film PARASITE with Landmark Theatres CEO Ted Mundorff following an advance screening of the film at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/1/19.

Watch a different PARASITE Q&A on Landmark Theatres' Youtube Channel also  featuring actors Song Kang Ho and Park So Dam:

Bong Joon Ho (Okja, Snowpiercer, The Host, Mother) brings his singular mastery home to Korea in this pitch-black modern fairytale. Meet the Park Family: the picture of aspirational wealth. And the Kim Family, rich in street smarts but not much else. Be it chance or fate, these two houses are brought together and the Kims sense a golden opportunity. Masterminded by college-aged Ki-woo, the Kim children expediently install themselves as tutor and art therapist to the Parks. Soon, a symbiotic relationship forms between the two families. The Kims provide “indispensable” luxury services while the Parks obliviously bankroll their entire household. When a parasitic interloper threatens the Kims’ newfound comfort, a savage, underhanded battle for dominance breaks out, threatening to destroy the fragile ecosystem between the Kims and the Parks. By turns darkly hilarious and heart-wrenching, Parasite showcases a modern master at the top of his game. Winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. 


Director Matt Tyrnauer self-moderates a Q&A about his new documentary WHERE'S MY ROY COHN?  

One of the most controversial and influential American men of the 20th Century, Roy Cohn was a ruthless and unscrupulous lawyer and political power broker whose 28-year career ranged from acting as chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Communist-hunting subcommittee to molding the career of a young Queens real estate developer named Donald Trump. Cohn formulated his playbook in the ‘50s, but it is all too familiar today: always attack; never admit blame or apologize; use favors and fear to ensure support for your objectives; expertly manipulate the media to gain advantage and destroy your opponents; lie shamelessly, invalidating the idea of truth; weaponize lawsuits; evade taxes and bills; and, most importantly, inflame the prejudices of the crowd by scapegoating defenseless people. For those who remember Cohn and those who were too young to have any awareness of him, Matt Tyrnauer’s Where’s My Roy Cohn? lays out who Cohn was and how his lessons to his apprentice Donald Trump have shaped contemporary American politics. From the director of Valentino: The Last Emperor and Studio 54.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/28/19.


Writer/Director Lucio Castro discusses his debut film END OF THE CENTURY in two Q&As recorded during the film's opening weekend at Landmark's NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles.

In his alluring debut feature, writer/director Lucio Castro offers both a sun-soaked European travelogue and an epic, decades-spanning romance. When Ocho (Juan Barberini), a 30-something Argentine poet on vacation in Barcelona, spots Javi (Ramón Pujol), a Spaniard from Berlin, from the balcony of his Airbnb, the attraction is subtle but persistent. After a missed connection on the beach, a third chance encounter escalates to a seemingly random hookup. But are these two merely beautiful strangers in a foreign city or are they part of each other’s histories—and maybe even their destinies? Castro deliberately unfolds mystery after mystery, leading the audience on a journey of discovery as the two leading men discover themselves and each other. With sumptuous lensing of a Barcelona summertime and tangible chemistry between the actors, End of the Century is a love story that echoes across time.  Winner of Best Film at the Buenos Aires Film Festival and Best First Film at the Frameline: San Francisco LGBTQ Film Festival.

Director Alejandro Landes and actors Julianne Nicholson and Moises Arias discuss their new film Monos with moderator Juan Carlos Arciniegas (CNN).

Monos, Alejandro Landes’ awe-inspiring third feature, is a breathtaking survivalist saga set on a remote mountain in Latin America. The film tracks a young group of soldiers and rebels—bearing names like Rambo, Smurf, Bigfoot, Wolf and Boom-Boom—who keep watch over an American hostage, Doctora (Julianne Nicholson). The teenage commandos perform military training exercises by day and indulge in youthful hedonism by night, an unconventional family bound together under a shadowy force know only as The Organization. After an ambush drives the squadron into the jungle, both the mission and the intricate bonds between the group begin to disintegrate. Order descends into chaos and within Monos the strong begin to prey on the weak in this vivid, cautionary fever-dream.

This conversation was recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/10/19.

Director Justin Chon and actors Tiffany Chu, Octavio Pizano, and Teddy Lee discuss their new film MS. PURPLE with moderator SuChin Pak.

Recorded at Landmark's NuArt Theatre on 9/6/19.


Ms. Purple, from award-winning filmmaker Justin Chon (Gook), is the poignant story of the family loyalties of an Asian American brother and sister, set in a dreamy vision of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, reminiscent of Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love. Kasie (Tiffany Chu) struggles to take care of her comatose father at home, refusing to put him in hospice, because he raised her and her brother when their mother abandoned them. Kasie works as a Koreatown karaoke hostess, making good money keeping obnoxious drunken businessmen happy, and is well able to handle herself, but when her father’s in-home nurse quits, she is desperate. She calls her estranged brother Carey (Teddy Lee) to come home and help care for their father, and he agrees. As they reconnect over their dying father, Kasie and Carey confront the deep emotional wounds of their difficult shared past, attempting to mend their relationship. Winner, Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature, Dallas International Film Festival. 

Director Stanley Nelson leads a conversation about his new film MILES DAVIS: THE BIRTH OF THE COOL with legendary jazz musicians Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis' nephew and bandmate Vince Wilburn Jr., Miles Davis' son Erin Davis, and voice actor Carl Lumbly.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 8/30/19.

Director/Actor/Writer Hannah Pearl Utt and Actor/Writer Jen Tullock speak about their new film BEFORE YOU KNOW IT with moderator Tracy Gilchrist (The Advocate).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 8/31/19.

Director Gavin Hood speaks about his new film OFFICIAL SECRETS with Landmark Theatres CEO Ted Mundorff.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 8/29/19

Producers Tobey Maguire and Matthew Plouffe and Actors Michaela Watkins, Lil Rel Howery, and Micah Stock discuss their new film BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON with moderator Pete Hammond (Deadline).

Recorded Live at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 8/23/19.

Writer/Directors Britt Poulton and Dan Madison Savage and Actor Walton Goggins speak about their new film THEM THAT FOLLOW with film critic Amy Nicholson.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 8/3/19.

A conversation with legendary musician David Crosby, producer Cameron Crowe, and director A.J. Eaton about their new documentary, DAVID CROSBY: REMEMBER MY NAME.
Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 7/19/19.

Moderator Jenelle Riley (Variety) speaks with Director/Co-Writer Julius Onah, Actor Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Writer J.C. Lee about their film LUCE.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 7/16/19.

Director Richard Ladkani, Producer Walter Koehler, and Andrea Crosta (Earth League International) discuss the documentary SEA OF SHADOWS with moderator Jazz Tangcay (Awards Daily).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 7/13/19.

Writer/Director Lulu Wang discusses her new film THE FAREWELL with moderator Christy Lemire (

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 7/12/19.

Director Miranda Bailey and Actors Jim Gaffigan and Logan Miller discuss their new film BEING FRANK with moderator Claudia Puig (LAFCA).

Recorded at a special advance screening at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 6/11/19.

Actor/Musician Jessie Buckley speaks about her new film WILD ROSE with Jenelle Riley (Variety) and performs three songs from the film's soundtrack with musician Neill MacColl.

Recorded at a Special Advance Screening at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 6/9/19.

Actor/Screenwriter Mindy Kaling and Actors Ike Barinholtz and Paul Walter Hauser discuss their film LATE NIGHT with moderator Scott Mantz.

Recorded at the Landmark Los Angeles on 6/9/19.

Actor Taron Egerton and Director Dexter Fletcher discuss their new Elton John biopic ROCKETMAN with moderator Jenelle Riley (Variety).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 5/31/19.

Director Andrew Slater and Musician/Executive Producer Jakob Dylan discuss their new documentary about the mid-60's LA music scene, ECHO IN THE CANYON.
Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 5/25/19.

Dome Karukoski, director of the biopic TOLKIEN, speaks with moderator Scott Mantz about the film.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 5/11/19.

Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh discusses his new Shakespeare film ALL IS TRUE with moderator Scott Mantz (Collider).

Recorded on 5/10/19 at the Landmark in Los Angeles.

Listen to Filmmaker/Farmer John Chester discuss his new documentary THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM with Arohi Sharma (Policy Analyst - Natural Resources Defense Council).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles 5/9/19.

Director Claire Denis and Actor Robert Pattinson discuss their new film HIGH LIFE with Justin Chang (LA Times).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 4/13/19.

Actors Molly Shannon, Amy Seimetz, and Susan Ziegler discuss their film WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY with Kim Yutani (Director of Programming - Sundance Film Festival).

Recorded at The Landmark in Los Angeles on 4/12/19.

Producer Alan Elliott discusses the challenges of bringing the Aretha Franklin concert documentary AMAZING GRACE to the big screen more than 40 years after the original footage was shot by director Sydney Pollack.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 4/5/19.

Bruce Dern gets asked one question by moderator Scott Mantz and gives an incredible 30 minute answer, touching on his work in THE MUSTANG as well as several other notable films and filmmakers throughout his career.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 3/23/19.

Director/Screenwriter Anthony Maras, Actor Jason Isaacs, and Screenwriter John Collee speak with moderator Scott Mantz about their new film HOTEL MUMBAI.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 3/23/19.

Actor Matthias Schoenaerts discusses his new film THE MUSTANG with moderator Christy Lemire ( following a screening on the film's opening night.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 3/15/19.

Writer/Director Sebastián Lelio and Actor Brad Garrett discuss their film GLORIA BELL with moderator Christy Lemire (

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 3/10/19.

Writer/Director Alfonso Cuaron and musicians T Bone Burnett and James Lavelle discuss the making of Roma and it's accompanying "Inspired By" Soundtrack Album.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 2/9/19.

Actors Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone speak about their new film CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? with moderator Scott Mantz.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/27/18.

Writer/Director Elizabeth Chomko and Actor Robert Forster speak about their film WHAT THEY HAD with moderator Jenelle Riley (Variety).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/20/18.

Writer/Director Jonah Hill and the cast of MID90s speak to moderator Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter) about the film. 

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/20/18.

Actor Carey Mulligan speaks about her new film WILDLIFE with moderator Ted Mundorff (President/CEO of Landmark Theatres).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/19/18.

Moderator Malina Saval speaks with Writer/Director Paul Greengrass, actors Anders Danielsen Lie, Jonas Strand Gravli, Seda Witt, and Cinematographer Pål Ulvik Rokseth about their film 22 JULY.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 10/6/18 

Moderator Stephen Farber discusses THE OLD MAN & THE GUN with writer/director David Lowery and Producer Toby Halbrooks.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/28/18.

Writer/Director Reinaldo Marcus Green discusses his film MONSTERS AND MEN with moderator Sonya Marchand (Moms of Black Boys United).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/27/18.

September 23, 2018

Life Itself - Dan Fogelman Q&A

Writer/Director Dan Fogelman discusses his new film LIFE ITSELF with moderator Scott Mantz.

Recorded at the Landmark on 9/23/18.

Mark Olson (LA Times) moderates a Q&A with Actor John C. Reilly, Writer/Director Jacques Audiard, and writer Thomas Bidegain following an opening weekend show of THE SISTERS BROTHERS.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/22/18.

September 22, 2018

Colette - Wash Westmoreland Q&A

Writer/Director Wash Westmoreland discusses his new film COLETTE with Dana Schwartz (Entertainment Weekly).

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 9/22/18

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